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Jaky Pinnock

I have been a mosaic artist since 1999 working in Perth and the South West on Public and Private Art Commissions. Public and larger scale artworks include, 4 mosaics for Kings Park Botanical Gardens, Methodist Ladies College,  Fremantle Mausoleum, Seafresh, Mercy College and McDonalds. 

There is nothing that gets the brain working like an intriguing puzzle and finding a solution perplexing problem, bringing mosaic to life. Arranging shapes, flow lines, textures, patterns and colours, inspires me. I enjoy deciphering nature and using different media to put together a united artwork that looks 3 dimentional and alive.

Mosaics have been used since the 3rd millennium BC to beautify enviroments. Mosaics have a greater intrinsic longevity than either frescoes or canvases. They are low maintenance and a great choice for the home or public open space. My smaller mosaics are portable, statement artwork that never fail to be noticed. 

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